Alex Foley - Head of Audio at SAE Dubai
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Alex Foley

Head of Audio Department


Alex Foley is an audio engineer with many years of experience working in many different fields of the audio industry.
He has worked as a Foley artist for record labels and as a live sound engineer just to name a few.
Alex was born in Birmingham, England and has moved all around the world with his family, mostly in the far east.  He has always had a passion for sound and learned to play several musical instruments. He played the bass guitar for a pop punk band in Hong Kong where he recorded an album. Not long after, Alex discovered DJ-ing and that quickly took over as his main passion.
It wasn’t until later on that the opportunity arose for Alex to study sound came about and he decided to study at SAE in Oxford. After 2 years there he discovered a love for post production audio and the art of Foley (what a coincidence!) and started a small company with a fellow SAE graduate.
A few years later, Alex returned to Dubai and started a career in live sound. He worked on major projects such as, the Dubai Jazz festival, Lionel Ritchie, Justin Timberlake, Black Sabbath and was the front of house engineer for the Magician David Blaine’s first ever stage show.
Alex has been in Dubai for 10 years and in that time has made a number of contacts in the local music scene. You will most likely find him where ever there is a drum and bass night, jumping around like a mad man.


Alex Foley has completed the following qualifications:
Bachelor of Audio SAE Institute Oxford
Master of Arts in Post Production SAE Institute Australia
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