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Da Vinci Resolve

Learn how to master this powerful video editing and color grading software used by industry professionals worldwide. From basic editing techniques to advanced color correction.
DaVinci Resolve Short Course

Course Fee
Next Starting Date
AED 4,500 excluding VAT
27 May 2024
Mon & Wed
6PM - 9PM
5 weeks
AED 4,500 excluding VAT
17 Jun 2024
Mon & Wed
6PM - 9PM
5 weeks


This training covers DaVinci Resolve user interface, explaining where to find each group of tools and features, and how the highly focused and tightly integrated Media, Edit, Fusion, Color, Fairlight, and Deliver pages work together to let you pursue nearly any Post-production workflow you can imagine.
  • 17 years and above
  • This course is designed for people that are interested in learning a software that combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post
  • Da Vinci Resolve
Session 1:
Introduction to Davinci Resolve
Managing Projects and Databases
System Requirements
Davinci Resolve Pages
Working with the Media Pool
Organizing your Media
Session 2:
Organizing a New Project
What is Video Editing?
Fast Editing in the Cut Page
Assembling a Rough Cut
Delivering your project in the Cut Page
Session 3:
Edit Page Interface
Managing your Timeline
Editing Tools
Using Trim Edit Mode
Finessing the Rough Cut
Creating your Timeline in the Edit Page
Session 4:
Audio Effects and Titles in the Edit Page
Adding Transitions
Changing Clip Speeds
Reframing a Shot
Adding Filters
Adding Fusion Titles
Session 5:
Introduction to Color Correction
Understanding Color Science
Color Theory
Why Color Correct Your Work?
The Goals of Color Grading
Session 6:
The Color Page Interface
Performing Primary Color Corrections
Understanding Video Scopes
Color Correction Using Lift, Gamma and Gain
Understanding Nodes
Adjusting Individual Color Channels
Using Curves for Primary Color Corrections
Session 7:
Introduction to Audio Post and Sound Design
What is Audio Post Production?
Exploring the Fairlight Interface
Setting Track Formats and Clip Channels
Trimming Clips in Fairlight
Mixing Sound in Fairlight
Session 8:
An Introduction to Visual Effects Compositing
What is Visual Effects and Compositing?
Exploring the Fusion Page
Adding the First Effect
Masking Effects
Adding Clips from the Media Pool
Adding an Effect
Reviewing Work in the Edit
Session 9:
Delivery and Media Management
Working on the Deliver Page
Creating a Custom Preset
Exporting Timelines, Bins and Projects
Working with the Project Library
Session 10:
Different Workflows
Davinci Resolve Tips
Topic Presentation

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