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Student Visa Support

Students who are accepted and enrolled on a full-time basis have the option to apply for a visa and can be sponsored by the University. They will be issued a Student Residence Visa valid for one year. Students who wish to apply for this visa, should request for it by contacting the Admissions Officer at least 1 month before the scheduled date of entry. If the student is already in the UAE should submit the residence cancellation paper or visit visa copy.

SAE provides an up-front visa sponsorship service for students not resident in the UAE. According to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Laws require all international students to obtain a student Visa for the duration of their studies.

The student visas are issued for the duration of 12 months (renewable) period, to cover the duration of your program.

The procedure for applying for a student visa cannot commence until you have accepted your offer of admissions and paid your tuition fees along with the student visa charges.