SAE Managing Film Production with Malcom Scerri-Ferrante
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Managing Film Production with Malcom Scerri-Ferrante

This seminar explored essential topics on what makes a great film producer
SAE Managing Film Production

SAE Managing Film Production

Navigating the world of film production can be both overwhelming and exciting. Recently, students had the opportunity to gain invaluable insights into this field through a seminar conducted by industry expert Malcolm Scerri-Ferrante. 

Meeting Malcolm

With a career spanning decades, Malcolm Scerri-Ferrante is a luminary in the film and TV industry. From his humble beginnings in his teens to managing international features by the age of 21, his journey is nothing short of remarkable. Renowned for his work on iconic productions such as The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander, and Eragon, Malcolm’s expertise is unparalleled. Students got the chance to not only meet Malcolm but also to engage with him directly. They had the opportunity to ask questions, seek advice, and delve deeper into the intricacies of film production management.

Learning & Engaging

Malcolm shared essential insights crucial for aspiring film production managers. He stressed the necessary skills for success, highlighted the significance of thorough pre-prep work, and explained the complexities of handling job offers in the industry. Drawing from his vast experience, Malcolm entertained students with anecdotes and offered valuable tips for effective production management.

Insights into the Industry

As the workshop concluded, students expressed profound gratitude for the invaluable knowledge gained. Armed with behind-the-scenes insights and industry tips, they were inspired to pursue their paths in the film industry. The opportunity to learn from a seasoned professional like Malcolm Scerri-Ferrante was truly a privilege, fueling their aspirations in the world of film production.

In essence, the Film Production Management Workshop not only demystified the nuances of the industry but also instilled a newfound sense of confidence and purpose among participants.

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