SAE Institute Dubai understands the significance of recognizing students for their achievements and believes in assisting you through your journey with us. The following SAE Dubai Scholarships & financial aid options have been developed to encourage & aid your learning as you turn your passion into your profession:


Academic Excellence Scholarship





At SAE Dubai, we reward your academic achievement in high school. If you have been an A-star student, apply and enroll in a Bachelor's Degree at SAE and receive a guaranteed Academic Excellence Scholarship*.



Financial aid


We offer financial aid* to students who need assistance funding their education with us. This is granted to prospective students on review of the student's academic records, student's creative portfolio, and family's financial status.


*Terms & Conditions Apply.

International Student Scholarship


We reward your passion from overseas! With this scholarship, we aim to recognize international students for their outstanding academic achievement and creative portfolios. International students who are looking to enrol in our creative media degrees are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship* is granted on the basis of merit & the submission of a creative portfolio as reviewed by the academic board & scholarships committee.


*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Work/Study program

SAM 5730

We offer students the opportunity to apply to work with SAE Dubai to help them fund their studies with us. Students are eligible to apply for the scholarship* after completion of their first trimester. This opportunity will be granted on the basis of merit (first trimester grades) and financial need. 


*Terms & Conditions Apply.

SAE Academic Achievement Scholarship

IMG 2697

With this scholarship, we aim to recognize outstanding academic achievement within our creative media degrees. Students who have completed one year of their degree are eligible to apply for this scholarship. The scholarship* is granted on the basis of merit and financial need as reviewed by the academic board & scholarships committee.


*Terms & Conditions Apply.

SAE Creative Portfolio Scholarship

IMG 2698

This scholarship is aimed to encourage and promote quality creative work & reward the same. Students who have completed four trimesters of the degree are eligible to apply for this scholarship*. This scholarship will be granted on the basis of submission of a creative portfolio (evidence of academic work and collaborations outside SAE), which will be reviewed, by the scholarship committee & academic board.


*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Alumni scholarship

IMG 2699copy

Alumni who have completed a degree from another SAE Institute and would like to enroll into another degree with SAE Dubai, are eligible for a 10%  scholarship* towards their total tuition fee.

**Apart from these scholarship opportunities, SAE offers paid internship opportunities in collaboration with their industry and DCCA partners. These opportunities are shared with all students.


*Terms & Conditions Apply.

Terms & Conditions

Please note: 

  - Students can apply for one scholarship or financial assistance option at a time
  - All applications are reviewed by the Scholarship Committee & academic board
  - Scholarships are not transferable between SAE campuses 
  - Scholarships are granted at the discretion of SAE Dubai management