Comic Book Illustration Camp

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Comic Book Illustration-Camp

Course Fee Duration Days*
AED 750 6 sessions Fri & Sat 
(Excluding VAT)      
Date Qualification Usual Timings*
19 June 2020  Certificate of completion 2pm - 4pm
Delivery Method Language  Age group 
Available On-Campus and LIVE Online English 10 to 16 years


* These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.





This is an introductory short course to principles of digital illustration in a comic book and animation style. The contents are focused on creating a stunning comic book style and incorporate all the fundamentals using a digital/traditional work flow.



Stage 1 - Picking ideas, Referencing and Rough Layouts - Class will consist of going over what the students will have as their end result. Going online and looking for reference images from various websites, as well as what is needed to pick good references, along with the basic fundamentals of art to create a rough sketch that will be the base for the final piece. Class will also cover exercises that can be practiced on pencil and paper or in a digital workspace.

Stage 2 - Pencilling and Inking - Class will cover going over the rough layouts and adding details to refine the drawing. Using line weight and inks to create the final line art piece and how to achieve a desired look using the Photoshop tools available. Additionally students using a traditional approach will be taught how to refine their sketches using the pencil and eraser method followed by inking out the sketch using a pen.

Stage 3 - Flatting, Shadows and Lighting - Class will go over adding flat colors to the final inked image as well as adding appropriate lights and shadows. This will be supplemented with basic color theory. Artwork printouts will be emailed to students so they can practice coloring with markers/paint/watercolor sketch pens at home. They can print out multiple copies to practice or if they make mistakes as to save time re-sketching/inking.

Stage 4 - Rendering - Class will go over refining the image by adding additional details. Students will learn techniques to add various textures to their model. Traditional cross hatching and line techniques will be shared here for students working on paper. This will also work as a buffer class for slower students to catch up.

Stage 5 - Adding Effects and Finalization - Learning to use in Photoshop tools as well as online image assets to create effects to make the art pop. Class will also cover color correcting and adding filters to bring the image together. The end result will be a final stylized comic book illustration. For traditional students, this class will serve as how to take an aesthetic picture of their artwork as well as minor touch ups that can be done using a standard phone editing application so that they can have a social media friendly artwork post.


To reserve a seat or for any inquiries, please contact:

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