Public Speaking

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Public Speaking Short Course

Course Fee Duration Days*
AED 2,500 20 hours Weekdays
Starting Date
Qualification Usual Timings*
11 Oct 2019 Public Speaking Certificate 6pm - 9pm


*These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.


What you need to know about this course

Public speaking is a versatile skill that can help you succeed in all walks of life. The skill empowers you to communicate your ideas more effectively and have an influence on decisions, but also helps you to become a better listener. Not only does it increase your confidence, but it can also help you make a sale or get a better job.


Who it's for

This is the perfect course for those who want to gain some exposure and build confidence, as they learn in an interactive environment, one of the key ingredients to career success!



  • Introduction to presentation and public speaking
  • Planning a presentation or speech
  • Different types of speeches and public speaking and how to achieve their intended purposes
  • Improving audience perception of the speaker, as well as the different ways of using public speaking to achieve your goals.
  • Techniques for time management and stress control
  • Visual presentation
  • Component of a great presentation
  • Dealing with the audience
  • Body language
  • Reading from a teleprompter
  • Preparing speeches for social media
  • Interviewing skills