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International Film Camp 

Package Fees
All inclusive package* $3,400/ AED 12,500  inclusive of course fee, flights(from Dubai, travel insurance, accomodation, meals, excursions
Boarding Scholar $2,200/ AED 8000  inclusive of course fee, accomodation, meals & excursions  
Day Scholar $1,300/ AED 4500  inclusive of course fee, meals & excursions  
Age group  Date Duration Qualification  Destination
 15 to 18 years 10 July - 17 July, 2019    7 days Certificate of completion  Istanbul


*Pricing excludes visa service fees. Should you opt for our assistance in visa processing, an additional fee of AED 1000 will apply.


For more information please download our International Film Camp brochure with all the details.





Turkey calls for Lights, Camera, Action:

Travel with SAE Dubai this summer for our international film camp!

Filmmaking is a process that encourages a creative platform for a group of individuals to come together as a team to turn script into screen. The filmmaking journey paves the way for a number of skills to be practiced including storytelling, character development, camera work, editing and so much more, allowing creative juices to flow. It also encourages  team work, collaboration, time management and more soft skills to be utilized.

The idea of the international film camp is for young aspiring filmmakers and actors to collaborate, shoot a film, make long lasting memories, get hands-on experience, all while making new friends. The camp will also provide more holistic approaches such as wellness and well-being sessions and team building exercises.

Students will learn the art of filmmaking in Istanbul, a prime location in the eyes of Turkish and foreign film makers. A plethora of films, including the famous James Bond movie saga, Taken 2 and contemporary Turkish TV shows, have been shot in around the streets of Istanbul, making Turkey an ideal location to learn cinema production. If your lucky, you may even chance upon a live TV or film production set!


Find the Spielberg in you while you learn:

  • Narrative and character building – storytelling techniques, understanding genres, character, and location development.
  • Scriptwriting – How to turn an idea into script format, techniques on using CELTX software
  • Pre-production works – Script breakdown, shooting schedules, crew roles, auditions, camera shot lists
  • Production works – Making the film
  • Post-production – how to do simple edits, creating narrative structures and easy use of techniques.




About The Campus

Istanbul Ayvansaray University celebrates the 10th year in education. It was founded in 2016, merged with Plato College of Higher Education, founded in 2009. The University adopts universal and contemporary values, hence integrates them with local values. The education style is based on the harmonious coexistence of science, art and design.

The University has three campuses at the center of Istanbul. The facilitation sessions of the international film camp will take place at the Ayvansaray Campus which is located on the coast of Golden Horn, one of most the important historical districts in Istanbul. With the neighborhood’s multicultural atmosphere, the campus provides students a friendly environment and a broader world vision.


To reserve a seat or for any inquiries, please contact:

Christina Kallas or Elli Hashimi | +971 4 360 6456 |


For more information please download our International Film Camp brochure with all the details.



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