Audio mixing and mastering with protools

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Audio mixing and mastering with protools 

Course Fee Duration Days*
AED 4,000 8 sessions / 24 hours Sundays & Tuesdays
(excluding Vat)  (4 weeks)   
Next Starting Date Qualification Usual Timings*
24 Jan 2021   SAE Audio mixing with pro 6pm - 9pm
  tools Certificate  
Delivery Method  Language Age Group 
On Campus English 16+


* These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date. 
**To reserve a seat or for any inquiries, please contact: enquire@saedubai.com  | +971 4 360 6456  




Program Overview

A virtual course using Pro Tools as the software to learn the basics on how to edit and mix audio. In this program you will learn to practice listening, practice the art of editing and the art of mixing.

Program Description

In this program focused on the basics you will learn to practice listening, learn the art of editing and learn the art of mixing. You will learn the navigation within Pro Tools and familiarize yourself with the software. Learn the different editing modes and techniques in manipulating audio. Learn how to edit and mix voice overs. Learn how to manage your sessions within Pro Tools. Learn how to create a dry and wet mix. We will go over EQ and Compression techniques and use Time Based Effects such as Reverb and Delay. Finally we will use all the techniques to create a final presentable mix.

Program Weekly Topics:

1- Pro Tools Introduction
2- Multi Track Workflow
3- Multi Track Dry Mix
4- Voice Over Edit
5- EQ and Compression Basics
6- Effects Processing
7- Mixing Basics
8- Finalizing A Mix

Program Learning Outcomes

At the end of this program, you will be able to: Using Pro Tools to create a well balanced mix using the techniques of editing, levelling, panning, equalizing, compression and mixing.

Technical Requirements

Pro Tools (Full version available for free to anyone for a trial period of 30 days)--


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