The Black Sheep Festival


Feb 24 2020 | 6:00PM - 9:00PM



The Black Sheep Festival

Feb 24 2020 | 6:00PM - 9:00PM

SAE, the world’s leading education provider in the creative media industry, continues its support towards aspiring creative talent by providing them an ecosystem to nurture their skills.

The Black Sheep Festival is an exclusive platform hosted by SAE Dubai where we showcase and honour exceptionally creative projects across several awards across different categories within the fields of Audio, Film, Design, Animation and Games Development.

According to reports from CISAC, creative industries in the Middle East are growing at the rate of more than 10% gaining more popularity as well as providing future-proof jobs at the same time. While some professions may disappear within the next decade, creative skills are on the rise, opening new opportunities and pathways to young talent.

With Black Sheep Festival, SAE Dubai aims to focus on preparing our students to stand out in the fast-paced cultural and creative sector, by exposing them to the industry stalwarts, experienced peers and some of the well renowned employers of creative talent.



The event will take place on Monday, February 24, from 6-9 pm at SAE Institute Dubai
Dubai Knowledge Park, SAE Institute Block 16/17/2A - Dubai - UAE