Stop Motion Camp






Course Fee Duration Days
AED 1200** 18 hours Saturdays
Date Qualification Usual Timings
16 Jan 2021
Certificate of completion 2pm - 5pm
Delivery Method Language  Age group 
On-Campus English 12 to 16 years


* These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.

**Fee includes cost of materials to be used for character creation. 


 What you need to know about this course

Want to explore your talent in stop-motion animation? Our introductory online course will guide you in building your own characters and teaching you the principles of stop motion animation through paper puppets and clay figurines.


Learning outcomes:


  • Understanding the basic principles of Stop motion animation animation
  • Exploring the basic principles of animation such as stretch and squash
  • Building a stop motion puppet
  • learning the principles of Character design
  • Putting together a character sheet
  • Exploring gestures and facial expressions both in 2D and 3D
  • Creating the backgrounds and props


Day1: Exploring Paper stop motion

  • Basic principles of animation and stop motion
  • Making a stop motion animation using paper , and the Stop Motion animation app

Material: color paper, scissors, stop motion animation app


Day2: Character Design

  • How to create a character from simple shapes
  • Drawing a character turn around
  • Drawing character in different gestures
  • drawing facial expressions

Material: paper, drawing pencil, eraser, sharpener


Day3 : Building a claymation puppet

  • We’ll build a fully functional stop motion puppet, based from the character sheet

Material: colored non air drying clay, wire ( about 12 gage) , cutte, aluminum foil, about 2" foam board


Day 4: creating a background & props

We’ll examine how to create backgrounds and props that can then be used in their film


Material: 2" foam board, 2 thinner boards , acrylic paint, brushes, aluminum foil, white glue, kitchen towel.


Day 5: creating a stop motion short

Putting everything together from the last classes, we’ll finally make a little movie

  • painting the props
  • Animating the puppet
  • facial expression animation

Material: puppet, background, props, stop motion app


Final Project - create a short movie using the techniques learnt during the camp




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