Storytelling Through Editing

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Storytelling Through Editing Short Course

Course Fee Duration Days*
AED 2,500 10 sessions Sun & Tue
(Excluding VAT)      
Next Starting Date Qualification Usual Timings*
17 May 2020 Storytelling through editing  6pm - 8pm 
Delivery Method  Language  Age Requirements 
Available On-Campus and LIVE Online   English  16+ 


* These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.






Program Overview 

We start with understanding our basic terminology and various concepts, learn to review our footage, and then dive into understanding our script. Understand why and when not to make cuts, what steps need to go into recutting, and how to bring out emotion for your edit with music and sound.

Program Description 

We begin with the basic terminology that every editor should know. We follow through with all the core fundamentals that go into production that as an editor we must be aware of. These are concepts that every editor must know before beginning their edit. We understand the emotion behind every shot size and movement. This is something that we can learn from breaking down past edits of films and by looking at our footage itself. We learn to judge the emotional value of each scene and how we as editors can mold or change it for the audience to interpret. Understanding how to keep the emotion in the scene constant and know where it needs to fall and rise again. We learn how to use one of the biggest tools we have, the script to come up with our editing plan. We take all of this knowledge and learn how to examine scenes and how to put them together. We understand the importance of audio and how it can make or brake our edits. Finally we will look at the various genres and how the techniques we learned can be put to use in all the different scenarios.


Program Weekly Topics

  • Week 1: History of editing & Basic foundation
  • Week 2: Controlling what the audience sees & thinks
  • Week 3: Understanding the script & Planning our edit
  • Week 4: Understanding the scene and its relation to other scenes
  • Week 5: Understanding different genres and an overview


 Program Outline 

  • Understand the history of editing and where it all began
  • Know your basic terminology that will be used
  • Control what the audience sees & thinks
  • Identify important plot points and useful information from a script
  • Coming up with a editing plan
  • Understand the value of recutting our edits
  • Understand the importance of music and audio in our edits
  • Understand the concepts that can be applied to various genres