University Pathway Program

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University Pathway Program 

SAE Institute and Eton Institute are pleased to announce the brand new University Pathway Program.

University Preparation Course


Receive conditional admission to a Bachelor’s Degree program while we work with students on achieving higher education English language requirements.

The university pathway program is designed to engage students in higher order thinking and learning to prepare them with the academic English language and soft skills required for universities education.


The Learning Features:


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Program Duration:

4 months to 12 months depending on the students English language level as assessed by our placement test.


Student Support Services during the program: 

  • SAE Institute Dubai sponsors students visas upon enrollment in the program
  • Access to the student academic support team and resources allowing students to progress through the program with ease and comfort
  • Students get access to an accommodation with SAE Institute’s regional accommodation partners


To learn more about SAE Dubai's University Pathway Program, please contact us at +971 4 360 6456 or contact our admissions advisor today: