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Graduate from the UK!

Start your degree in SAE Dubai and graduate from London, Oxford or Liverpool!

SAE Dubai, in collaboration with SAE UK, is providing you the opportunity to transfer to SAE UK after completion of your Diploma or Associates Degree at SAE Dubai . You will have the chance of direct entry and continuation of your Bachelor's degree at the SAE campus of your choice in London, Oxford or Liverpool.

You can also apply to be an exchange student, and experience student life in the UK for 2 terms, while you continue your studies with SAE Dubai. The opportunity of student exchange enables you to experience university life from a different perspective and allows for personal and professional growth, challenging you to approach life and learning differently. Student exchange often helps you become a global citizen, giving you a new perspective of the world and a better understanding of different cultural perspective, further improving your creative and critical thinking skills.



  • Enjoy a truly global student experience as you begin your creative media education with SAE Dubai and graduate with an internationally recognized UK degree.
  • Benefit from a 2-year employment visa in the UK upon graduation.
  • Kick off your creative media career with one of the hundreds of SAE's industry partners across the UK.
  • Student exchange opportunities to further develop your learning and creative portfolio


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