SAE Audio Lecturer moonlights as YouTube sensation


21 Mar 2017




SAE Audio Lecturer moonlights as YouTube sensation

21 Mar 2017

Mahesh Raghvan is an audio lecturer at SAE Dubai. Across the UAE and India, the musician, composer and producer is also a Youtube viral sensation, attracting more than 1.5 million views for his unique covers of popular western songs.

Mahesh, who teaches Music Production and Sound Design at SAE, uses his personal projects as case studies in class, encouraging students to carry out their own research by exploring different musical approaches and practically applying new techniques to their creations. 

For Mahesh, success has come from fusing old and new to create unique sounds for a younger audience.

Project FLAIR - Carnatic Music 2.0, is one of his experimental YouTube projects involving traditional-Indian Carnatic compositions fused with elements of contemporary electronic music.  Carnatic music is a system of music commonly associated with the Southern India, and is one of two main sub-genres of Indian classical music that evolved from ancient Hindu traditions.

Using the applications Geo Synth and Geoshred on the iPad, and the ROLI Seaboard Rise, Mahesh’s creations offer a fresh take on the classical Indian sounds.



The Geo Synthesizer and GeoShred are expressive musical instruments and MIDI controllers specifically created for a multi-touch performance surface. The apps’ physical modeling synthesis allows users to produce realistic guitar sounds that bend, stretch and manipulate the sound into endless possibilities.

To promote the flexibility of his project FLAIR, Mahesh started producing classical Indian sounding covers of popular western songs and TV theme songs by using music production tools to create a blended sound of traditional meets electro.  The music videos went viral, spiking a massive audience reach from all over the world, making Mahesh a certified YouTube star. 



To date, his cover of Hello by Adele has had over 1. 5 million views worldwide, the Game of Thrones theme song has had over one million views and Hotline Bling by Drake has attracted over 130 thousand views.  Not only have these cover songs gone viral, Mahesh and his creations have been the subject of many news articles across the UAE and India.



Having completed a Bachelor of Audio at SAE Dubai, Mahesh’s passion for music inspired him to pursue a Masters in Digital Composition and Performance from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where he began exploring the distortion of traditional Indian Classical music using elements of contemporary electronic music. 

You can see more of Mahesh’s work on the following social pages...