Entry Requirements

SAE entry requirements vary depending on which course you are applying for. An overview of entry requirements is given below. Alternatively, simply check the 'Key Facts' section of your chosen course for the entry requirements relevant to you.

For Degree Courses

Minimum Age

Students seeking admission to SAE must be at least 17 years of age at the time of admission.

Academic requirements

Applicants must satisfy one of the following minimum entry criteria:

  1. High School completion certificate equivalent to the Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE), OR
  2. Completion of a diploma level qualification issued under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), OR
  3. Successful completion of our CMPP,
  4. Experience Based Entry may be granted for applicants who do not meet the requirements of options 1, 2 or 3, subject to a satisfactory skills and aptitude assessment normally undertaken through an interview process. Please refer to the section on Experience Based Entry within this policy or contact your campus directly for more information.

English language requirements

Students have to provide additional evidence of language skills and complete one of the following:

High School Certificate Equivilancies

The main entry requirement for our courses is a completion certificate equivalent to the Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE). As our students come from all over the world we rank many different qualifications as equivalent to our minumum entry requirement. Some of these are listed below. However, if yours is not listed or if you have any questions please contact us for clarification. If you do not meet the minimum entry requirement you may be eligible for Alternative Entry.

Australian Curriculum (Default):

  • Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE) - 12th grade completion certificate

US Curriculum:

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) - equivalent to 13th grade
  • IB Diploma Yr2 - equivalent to 13th grade
  • IB Diploma Yr 1 - equivalent to 12th grade
  • GED ( mins. of 3 subjects) - equivalent to 12th grade

British/UK Curriculum:

  • GCE -A level ( mis. of 3 subjects) - equivalent to 12th grade
  • IGCSE - equivalent to 11th grade
  • GCSE - equivalent to 10th grade
  • O level ( min. of 5 subjects ) - equivalent to 11th grade
  • As level ( min. of 3 subjects ) - equivalent to 12th grade
  • A level - equivalent to 13th grade
  • Btech Diploma level 1 - equivalent to 10th grade
  • Btech Diploma level 2 - equivalent to 11th grade
  • Btech Diploma level 3 - equivalent to 12th grade
  • Btech Diploma level 4 - equivalent to 13th grade

Indian Curriculum:

  • CBSE ( min. of 5 subjects ) - equivalent to 12th grade
  • CISCE ( min. of 5 subjects ) - equivalent to 12th grade
  • West bengal State Board ( min. of 5 subjects ) - equivalent to 12th grade

Creative Media Prep Program

Students of age 16 years and above, who have completed grade 10 are eligible to enter the preparatory course. Prospective students can enter the preparatory course from Grade 11, Grade 12 or as mature students (+21years). The preparatory course may be used as an alternative entry pathway for students who do not meet the High School entry requirements.

Learning styles

CMPP by and large offer some insight into the teaching approach through lectures and tutorials, this ensures students are familiar with this way of learning, and feel prepared for their chosen Degree course.


  • SAE Creative Media Prep Program Certificate

Entry Requirements

  • Australian completion of year 10 high school certificate (HSC) or its equivalent;
  • Minimum age of 16 years
  • and IELTS overall band score 6.0 or higher. 


Experience Based Entry

SAE recognises that preparation for study is not restricted to formal educational attainment and that valuable intellectual and skills development can be gained through wide ranging experiences. SAE will review applications on a case by case basis from persons of at least 18 years of age, who do not have formal qualifications for entry but who seek admission to programs on the basis of their educational and skills development through professional, work and/or life experience and/or non-accredited study.  International applicants will only be considered for Experience Based Entry if they have the minimum required level of English competency.

To apply via Experience Based Entry, students will need to undertake an interview with an assigned representative of SAE and will be required to provide supporting evidence that may include:

  • Records of any formal qualifications attained;
  • Evidence of any informal studies undertaken;
  • References relating to work history relevant to the chosen field of study (if applicable);
  • A resume or Curriculum Vitae; and
  • A portfolio of relevant materials that demonstrates creative, technical and intellectual skills and abilities.

In all cases Experience Based Entry into a HE course, will only be granted to students with at least a Year 10 level of schooling.

In addition, candidates may also be asked to undertake our CMPP to satisfactorily demonstrate capacity to meet the degree course requirements.

To set up an Experience Based Entry Application meeting, please contact your campus.