Course Fee                                                           Duration
AED 7,000                                                              6 Weeks

Date and time                                                     Qualification
N/A                                                                         SAE Robotics Certificate

Days*                                                                     Usual Timings*
2 Weekdays                                                            6pm-9pm


*These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.


Robotics Short Course

Robotics: Make Your Own Drone

What you will learn:

  • Making a drone
  • RaspberryPi (RPi)
  • Scripting for Hardware
  • Real-time remote controlling and streaming

Who it's for

  • Hobbyists, programming and electronic enthusiasts.



  • Basic computer literacy



  • Students will have to develop an intermediate Robotics project by the end of the short course



  • Thejaswi is an experienced teacher, with background in Computer Science and Engineering. His expertise covers wide range of computing and application development, including games,internet applications, distributed and cloud-based platforms, and has taught in Australia , Hong Kong and Dubai.



Software Packages

  • RPi.GPIO
  • Apache/Node.JS/Nginx or similar web server
  • PHP,Python for scripting
  • Debian OS

Hardware Packages

  • Raspberry Pi with camera module
  • Battery Packs (5V , 2A)
  • RC Helicopter (medium to large sized)
  • Electronic assembly kits
  • Wifi/3G Module for RPi


  • Getting started with RaspberryPi
  • Understanding the GPIO of RaspberryPi and building an electronic workbench
  • Image Capture
  • Remote Control
  • Flying
  • Asynchronous Command Sequencing
  • Real-time monitoring