Games Development Short Course




Games Development Short Course

Course Fee Duration Days*
AED 7,000 8 Weeks 2 Weekdays
Starting Date
Qualification Usual Timings*
25 Sep 2017 SAE Game Development 6pm-9pm
25 Dec 2017 Certificate  
26 Mar 2018    
25 Jun 2018    


*These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.


What you need to know about this course

This short course introduces students to the basics of development of video games on Unity3D and C#. The focus of this short course is quick prototyping and execution of games for PCs or Smartphones.


Who it's for

  • Anyone interested in developing video games for a variety of platforms
  • Individuals interested in developing interactive software for the purpose of games for various types simulation or scientific visualisation


Entry Requirements

  • The student needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age upon commencement of the course
  • Basic computer literacy
  • Basic computer imagery understanding
  • Basic knowledge of programming


Key Facts

Duration: 8 Weeks
Course fee: 7,000 AED
Timings: 2x Weekdays 6pm-9pm
Qualifications: Game Dev. Certificate


Software Packages



  • Basics of C# programming in Unity3D and Mono.
  • 3D imagery with Maya and export/import into Unity3D
  • User Interface programming for Unity3D
  • Interactive programming for objects
  • Maths for Games Programming
  • 3D imagery with Maya, developing scene levels
  • Programming features of C#, arrays, hash tables and lists
  • Introduction to Game Objects and their features
  • Lighting, rendering techniques
  • Physics simulation, rigid bodies
  • Particles Systems
  • Final project definition
  • Final project scene finalisations
  • Final project character and controls finalisation
  • Final Project final touch ups
  • Final project submission