Course Fee Duration Days*
AED 9,000 12 Weeks 2 Weekdays
Starting Date
Qualification Usual Timings*
14th May 2017 Fashion Design
19th Nov 2017 Certificate  


*These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.


Fashion Design Short Course

What you need to know about this course

  • This beginner course introduces students to the business and practice of fashion design.
  • The course is a great place to start for fashion enthusiasts with little or no experience in the field to design their own collection and learn fashion business skills to establish a fashion label.
  • The course gives an overview of roles in the fashion industry and introduces students to fashion design and dressmaking; from the basics of fashion illustration, to understanding technical drawing and fabrics. Students will be introduced to a number of topics on fashion design and illustrate a 12 piece collection.

Who it's for

  • Anyone with an interest in the fashion design or the fashion business. 
  • Fashion enthusiasts who wish to design their own collections and understand the fashion industry.

Entry Requirements

  • There are no academic requirements to participate in this programme. The student needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age upon commencement of the course.
  • *For delegates who are are 14 or 15 years old and wish to join our short courses a special consideration process from management is required.


Resources Required

  • A3 drawing pads
  • 2B Pencils, eraser and sharpner
  • Measuring tape
  • Coloring pencils
  • Fabric swatches
  • Sewing kits
  • Portfolio case
  • Fashion Magazines


  • Fashion Design Illustration
  • Color Theory
  • The creative process
  • Understanding fashion trends
  • Drawing a fashion collection
  • Understanding fabrics and texture
  • The basics of embroidery and sewing
  • Introduction to garment making techniques
  • Understanding size standards
  • Starting a fashion label/business
  • Submission of a fashion collection