Course Fee Duration Days*
AED 5,000 6 Weeks 2 Weekdays
Starting Date
Qualification Usual Timings*
12th Feb 2017 Digital Illustration Certificate 6pm-9pm
23rd Apr 2017    
9th Jul 2017    
22nd Oct 2017    


*These times are based on how the course has been run in the past and are subject to change before each start date.


Digital Illustration Short Course

This is an introductory short course to principles of digital illustration in a comic book and animation style. The contents are focused on fine art principles and methods on how to integrate these techniques into a digital workflow.

What you will learn:

  • Digitally draw and paint characters and environments.
  • Prepare a collection of up to 20 illustrations.
  • Learn professional software techniques for digital illustration.
  • Acquire a thorough understanding of the digital illustration workflow.
  • Step by step instructions, starting from sketch to finished illustration.
  • Learn to customize user interface for improved working methods.
  • How to work with different brushes and palettes to create textures.
  • Introduce students to basic fine-art concepts.


  • Beginner to intermediate


  • Basic computer literacy.


  • Students will complete 2 assessments and are graded on how well they have grasped all aspects of the techniques and theory taught during the short course. Both assessments have a weight of 50% each.


  • Bingu Ratnapala is a classically trained artist in illustration, cartoon animation and preproduction techniques. He has worked as a concept artist, illustrator and storyboard artist for clients such as Etihad Airways, Nissan, Interpublic and Mbc studios.


  • Photoshop interface for the digital painter
  • Fine-art drawing exercises
  • Drawing with a Wacom tablet
  • Setting up layer and introduction to two basic drawing styles, gesture and contour
  • Finding accurate tones and values
  • How to smoothen edges and create textures
  • How to adjust Photoshop controls to further enhance your digital painting.
  • Still-life painting
  • Toning in grayscale
  • Measuring techniques for accurate angles
  • Environment painting
  • Introduction to perspective
  • Working with thumbnails to create believable environments
  • Penciling characters
  • Digital Inking: How to polish your pencils into finished inked linework
  • Speed painting
  • Introduction to quick tonal studies
  • Introduction to color
  • Rendering in light and shadow
  • Creating character model sheets for comics and animation
  • Bringing it all together and final portfolio submissions