Creative Media Education


18th December 2014

Autodesk University Extension Dubai Winners

With great pleasure, SAE Dubai is happy to announce that our Animation students were able to mark their success by achieving first place at the ...

12th November 2014

Field Trip to Abu Dhabi Art Paragraph

Students from the Graphic Design department at SAE Institute enjoyed the offerings of Abu Dhabi Art by way of a field trip during the 4 day ...

15th April 2014

SAE Dubai student Samyar Tehrani lands a job at the Arabian Radio Network

SAE Dubai student Samyar Tehrani lands a job at the prestigious Arabian Radio Network just weeks after graduation. Here is what he said: "One ...

21st January 2014

SAE Dubai animation graduate wins the Muhr Emirati and Special Mention award from the 10th Dubai film festival in 2013.

Revealing the mysterious story of a hunter pursuing a beast in dark forest, the animation is fondly called Girl & It and is the latest ...

31st October 2013

Inaugural SAE Dubai Excellence Scholarship

SAE Dubai students are a special bunch, dedicated to their art and usually obsessive about their courses, campus, and the quality of their work. ...

25th July 2013

SAE’s Nikhil Menon and Mani kollengode finish work on season five of the hit Arabic series “Freej”

With a strong passion for Post, Audio students Nikhil Menon and Mani Kollengode put everything they had into they’re degree. Audio Course ...