Creative Media Education

Degree Courses

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Interactive Animation

Start Date

  • June 15, 2014


  • Higher Education (Middlesex University, London)


  • 24 months full-time (accelerated learning)


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SAE provides an understanding of the systems and equipment used for creating animation and practical experience in production techniques and design concepts.

Students can also go on to gain expertise in digital animation production and business management, marketing, communications, and knowledge of the contemporary ‘infotainment’ industry.

The BA(Hons) Interactive Animation is a two year, fully accredited UK bachelor's degree licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).

SAE Dubai is accredited by Middlesex University. You will receive a Middlesex award on successful completion

Degree Entry Requirements

Note: If you are applying from outside the UAE please contact the SAE Institute in your country to confirm your equivalent educational standing or contact SAE directly.

  • minimum age 17;
  • completion of year 12 high school certificate (HSC) or its equivalent ; or
  • mature age students over 21 years; or
  • on receipt of suitable evidence, SAE shall seek to admit all prospective students (via special entry) who are considered to have a reasonable chance of success in the programme.

Assessment Method and Award


Will involve progressive assessment of practical assignments


  • All BA students must undertake a specialist written
    research project; and
  • Pass and complete all individual degree modules


In order to qualify for the Bachelor degree, candidates need to reach an overall mark of 360 Middlesex University credit points.



Animation 401

An introduction to a variety of skills ranging from the basics of 3D animation and video production to drawing and human anatomy.
Detailed Module Information
3D Animation is a domain that involves a vast number of skills, including modelling and texturing which build the foundation of the course.

Topics covered include History of 3D Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, Introduction to Video Production, Drawing and Sketching, Anatomy, Movement and Acting.

Animation 402

During this module students are guided to the next level of knowledge and skills needed in the 3D animation industry.
Detailed Module Information
The basic skills acquired in Module 401 are developed further through the introduction of principles of character design and modelling, principles of character animation, narrative and character development as well as modelling digital environments.

Animation 501

This module is the culmination of the first three modules of this programme in the realisation of a creative project as a means of artistic expression.
Detailed Module Information
The project requires students to plan, manage and complete a creative work within a specialised area of 3D animation. They will demonstrate technical and creative abilities, with a written report documenting the production process.

In addition, students will also be introduced to more advanced techniques in the areas of modelling and human motion in preparation for their second year studies.

Creative Media Practice

Position the discipline specific knowledge and skills acquired during the first three modules of the programme within a wider industry, business and cultural context.
Detailed Module Information
The structure and operations of the culture industries are examined together with the meanings produced in the interplay between culture, cultural products and the consumer.

The resulting implications for the pitching of creative media ideas and the marketing of creative media products are also considered. Students take their existing skills and adapt them for a range of markets, cultures and platforms, requiring students to understand other cultures and assimilate other disciplines into their practice.

Advanced Interactive Animation Practice

This module aims to develop discipline specific knowledge and skills to more sophisticated conceptual and technical levels through the realisation and evaluation of an advanced interactive animation application.
Detailed Module Information
Topics covered include Advanced Visual Effects and Compositing, The Human Face, Mel Scripting and Motion Capturing.

Major Project (BA)

The culmination of the degree programme, enabling students to demonstrate the full range of their technical, creative and academic skills.
Detailed Module Information
The major project is self-generated and may take one of many different forms.

The project is intended to demonstrate a range of advanced skills in accordance with the requirements of a substantial Bachelor of Arts project. Through successful completion the student will also exhibit their capacity to conduct independent research and manage a large-scale venture.

Payment Plans

Plan A (Full)- 24 Month Degree Program

  • Registration Fee AED 2,000 due at registration
  • Equipment Deposit Fee AED 2,000 (refundable at end of studies)
  • Resource Fee AED 9800* due at registration
  • Course Fee AED 120,000 (to be paid in 2 yearly equal installments- AED 60,000 X 2)
  • Total Fee AED 133,800**

Plan B (By Installments)- 24 Month Degree Program

  • Registration Fee AED 2,000 due at registration
  • Equipment Deposit Fee AED 2,000 (refundable at end of studies)
  • Resource Fee AED 9800* due at registration
  • Course Fee AED 22,000 x 6 (must provide 3 PDCs per year AED 22,000 each)
  • Total Fee AED 145,800**

Plan C*** (Monthly Installments)- 24 Month Degree Program

  • Registration Fee AED 2,000 due at registration
  • Equipment Deposit Fee AED 2,000 (refundable at end of studies)
  • Resource Fee AED 9800* due at registration
  • Course Fee AED 5,800 x 24 (must provide 12 PDCs per year AED 5,800 each)
  • Total Fee AED 153,000**

Asterisks Key

* In a unique arrangement between SAE Institute and Apple Computers, all Degree students are issued with an Apple Mac Book Pro machine, complete with software to meet the needs of their respective fields of study plus SAE course material. This compulsory fee must be paid at the time of registration.Resource fee is subject to change without notice and prices are valid at the time of enrollment and re-enrollment.

**Fees are indicative in that unit fees are charged according to the year the unit of study is commenced and are subject to annual adjustment. The total course fee quoted is based on the 2014 unit fees.

***Offered only to students who can provide 12 (24) PDCs (from UAE based banks) at the time of enrollment.

Career Options

3D Animation Career Options:

  • 3D animator
  • Character rigger
  • Character modeler
  • Environment modeler
  • Lighting artist
  • Technical artist
  • Technical director
  • Content developer
  • Story board artist
  • Character animator
  • Background artist
  • Layout artist
  • 2D animator
  • Compositing artist
  • Special effects artist
  • Visualiser
  • Texture artist
  • Rigging artist
  • Clean-up artist
  • Key frame animator
  • Rendering artist
  • Film animation executive
  • Animation studio manager