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Student Services

Letter of Enrollment

A letter of enrollment verifies a student's enrollment status at SAE Institute Dubai. This letter can be requested for personal or professional use. It is sometimes used for vacation purposes, metro card, or other government processes.

Each student of the institute for whom information is requested must provide their student ID number and submit the following information below when making the request in order for the Student Services Office to process the request. Any misuse or disclosure of the information provided, or any misrepresentation or forgery of the names of the members of the institute, may result in disciplinary action under the Student Conduct Code.

For other forms or requests for letters certifying enrollment may be submitted in person, or may be made by contacting the Student Services Office at:

Student Services Office
SAE Institute Knowledge Village, Block 16, Second Floor
P.O.Box 500648, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
t.+971 4 361 6713
f.+971 4 368 6800