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Living in Dubai

Located in the heart of UAE, Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies of the planet; the city offers a safe, multi-cultural life with first-class entertainment and shopping.

Besides Dubai’s great economical interest, Dubai is also a leading holiday destination. Tourists enjoy a peaceful and multicultural environment with an excellent infrastructure. Dubai is also a favored venue for international conferences, concerts and sporting events. Dubai is currently bidding for Expo 2020 and is leading in most of the polls. Dubai does also introduce one of the greatest destinations for higher education in the Middle Eastern region.

To learn more about Dubai, you can visit this website. (www.dubai.com)

Visa Services

Laws in the United Arab Emirates require all non-national students to obtain a visa for the duration of their studies. Student visas can be issued by the college for duration of 12 months; hence an undergraduate student may require 2 or 3 renewals during their course.

The procedure for applying for a Student Visa cannot commence until you have accepted your Offer of Admission and paid your tuition fees along with the Student Visa Charges outlined below. The process normally takes 15-20 days and typically applications undergo a security check by UAE government authorities. You are advised to apply as early as possible if you require a Student Visa.

Student Visa Charges

The fees for Student Visa services are as follows:

If the student is outside the UAE If the student is inside the UAE Visa renewal
Visa Fee AED 4,480.00 AED 6,100.00 AED 3,530.00
Security Deposit (Refundable after the visa is cancelled) AED 7,000.00 AED 7,000.00 -

The following documents are required for your Student Visa application

  • Student Visa Application Form
  • 8 passport-size photographs with white background
  • Original passport (if in the UAE)
  • Clear copy of passport information
  • Copy of your highest qualification
  • Letter of good standing from your bank

Career Development Services

SAE Dubai works closely with industry to ensure your degree will put you ahead in an increasingly competitive jobs market. We have an active careers service that ensures you are prepared when you are looking for a job. You can use this service as soon as you begin studying at SAE Dubai and even after graduation.



Email: Upon receiving communication from either of our industry partners, a mail-out will be sent to all of our current and former students with the requirements of the opening. You can also send us an email to hi@SAEdubai.com to inquire about the latest industry openings.

Consultations: Drop in for a chat during office hours or make an appointment with our student services administrator.

Events: Seminars, talks by employers, annual career fair are all announced on our website.



SAE Dubai offers a number of scholarships to new international students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in academic fields.

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