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Foundation Course


What you need to know about this course

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The SAE Dubai Foundation Course prepares students for direct entry into SAE Dubai’s Bachelor’s Degree Programs. It introduces students to creative media and study skills in a supportive, specialized environment that allows them to explore their creativity, learn about the industry, and build the study skills necessary to succeed in the Bachelor’s Degree Program. The course is taught by highly qualified and professional academic staff who are selected for their expertise and dedication to provide students with every chance to succeed. Students who successfully complete the foundation program perform better at the undergraduate level. They also get the advantage of learning in a supportive but adequately challenging environment that allows them to explore their creativity while building their study skills in a collaborative, project-oriented learning environment.

Who it's for

  • Students wishing to build their study skills prior to entering college
  • Students who are undecided about which program of study they wish to pursue
  • Students who have learning difficulties or special learning needs
  • Students who want to take a break before officially enrolling in college
  • Students who do not meet the High School entry requirements

Entry Requirements

Students of age 16 years and above, who have completed grade 10 are eligible to enter the foundation course. Prospective (space to be added) students can enter the foundation course from Grade 11, Grade 12 or as mature students (+21years). The foundation course may be used as an alternative entry pathway for students who do not meet the High School entry requirements.

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What do students learn in the foundation course?

Students who choose to enroll in the foundation course receive tuition from professional staff in the following areas:

  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Independent and collaborative learning skills
  • An introduction to the creative media industry
  • Critical and creative thinking techniques
  • Identifying and overcoming hurdles to learning
  • Using the Internet and technology to enhance learning


  • The different branches of the creative media industry
  • Academic writing for creative media students
  • Formulating and pitching a creative project
  • Reviewing cultural products such as games, films and albums
  • Visual representation of information through an infographic
  • Exploring creative potential through a personal development project

Why do students choose SAE Dubai’s Foundation Course?

  • The foundation course equips students with study skills, learning strategies and fundamental academic abilities to prepare them for success in their studies at the undergraduate level
  • Students who complete the foundation course perform better in undergraduate course
  • Students who complete the foundation course get direct admission to the undergraduate course*


*Completing the foundation course does not exempt students from the language proficiency requirement. English language proficiency must still be demonstrated as per the Admission’s Requirements.

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Key facts


    3 Months Full Time


    May 2017

    Sep 2017


    Enrol By: 21 May 2017

    Start Date: 21 May 2017

    End Date: 17 Aug 2017


    Short Course

Entry requirements

There are no academic requirements to participate in this programme. The student needs to be a minimum of 16 years of age upon commencement of the course.

For delegates who are are 14 or 15 years old and wish to join our short courses a special consideration process from management is required.

Fees and Payments

Fees: view our current Fee Schedule for information on SAE course fees.

Payment options: upfront trimester instalments.